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How Much does Permanent Makeup Cost?

The average cost per procedure varies in the United States but usually averages between $400-$900. Advanced work may be charged at $350 to $450 per hour.  Many of these procedures are commonly referred to as para-medical procedures. For my pricing, see the “Services” tab.

How Long Does Each Procedure Take?

The initial procedure will generally take approximately two to three hours which includes client paperwork, photos, choosing the right color and designing the desired shape. Aftercare will also be discussed after the procedure.

Is It Painful?

Most people experience some discomfort. This will vary according to each individual’s pain threshold. Primary and secondary numbing are options which can be discussed at the time of treatment.  As a rule, traditional tattoo professionals do not use any anesthetics for their tattoo procedures. Anesthetics for permanent cosmetics are more of a tattoo service luxury because of the nature of the tattoo location and the fact that permanent cosmetics falls into the beauty industry. I offer primary and secondary numbing.

 Is It Safe?

Proper sterilization and disinfection guidelines are 100% met making permanent cosmetic procedures with me completely safe. Everything I use is one-time use disposable. The state of Nevada requires Bloodborne Pathogen testing yearly and the certificate is hanging in my room. All disposable needles are put in a sharps container and properly disposed of. Personal protection equipment such as masks and gloves are used on every client. Please see the “Contraindications” tab to see who is not qualified for PMU.

 What If I Don’t Like It?

Although the procedure is considered permanent, these procedures do have flexibility in changing color and shape to some extent. Colors will appear darker immediately following the procedure but will soften and lighten during the healing process. The healing time is different for each individual and procedure. It’s very important to realize that often the new procedure represents something different; color where there was no color at all or very little.  It takes time to become acclimated to a new look (like eyebrows which were sparse and unnoticeable before the brow procedure). Eyeliner color is more evident due to the contrast to the skin color.  Lip color can take up to six weeks to reflect the final color. Be patient. Trust the process! Removal is an option but at an additional charge.

Are There Any Side Effects During or After the Procedure?

While eyebrows may show little after effect, eyeliner and lips may show slight to moderate swelling.  This is very dependent upon the amount of work performed. For example, an eyelash enhancement will show very little swelling and bruising compared to a thicker eyeliner with wing. The same philosophy applies to lip color procedures.  A lip liner or blended lip liner will show less effects of the procedure than that of a full lip color.  Also, some people swell more from minor skin infractions than others. During the procedure there may be some minimal bleeding, but not likely.  Eyebrows rarely, if ever, produce any bruising; minor bruising during eyeliner procedures is possible if the skin being tattooed is very thin and close to the vascular system.  This also applies to lip procedures in the event the client is more mature.   If bruising does occur, typically it is minor and subsides in a few days. There is usually some tenderness for a few days. The color is much darker than you may expect for the first six to ten days.

What’s a Touch-Up and Do I Need One?

Often the tattooed color is not perfect after the initial procedure heals. Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process and usually one follow-up to the initial procedure should be scheduled. I recommend that any required detail work to the original procedure be performed no sooner than four weeks after the original procedure. Due to the healing cycle of the skin, 6-8 weeks is preferable especially for lips. Lips have a different healing agenda than procedures performed on other parts of the face due to their delicate nature. These time frames will vary depending on the health profile and age of the client, but these are good minimum standards for consideration. Touch-ups are $50.

Are permanent cosmetics really permanent?

Technically, permanent cosmetics procedures are considered permanent because the color is implanted into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance or color refreshing. Personal lifestyle choices like sun exposure can also cause the pigment to fade faster.

Most common procedures

Eyeliner:  Are your eyebrows weak or sparse? Can't put them on without your glasses, but your glasses are in the way? Do they come out crooked or uneven? Do they look more like distant cousins that sisters or twins? Do your penciled brows wear off during the day? Women and men are finding that permanent eyebrows are perfect for them. Adding a few hair strokes to give them more fullness and shape to dramatic fully-colored brows. So many options and I will help you find the best one for you!

Eyebrows:  Does your eyeliner smudge? Does it wear off during the day? Have trouble getting it straight or even? Allergic to cosmetic products or your allergies cause you to re-apply several times a day? People every day are finding that for the above reasons--and many more--permanent eyeliner is perfect for them. Eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors, from soft, natural-looking lash enhancement to a dramatic defined line--the choice is yours! Whatever look you choose, you will wake up, shower, exercise, work, swim, and go to bed always looking your best.

Lip Color:  Tired of re-applying your lipliner and lipstick throughout the day? Do the current all-day lipstick brands make your lips dry or chapped? Would you like more definition, fuller lips, or to correct a crooked lip line? Just wish you had back some of the color you had when you were younger? Full lip color can be applied in either a natural hue or a more vivid one. Wear your permanent lip color alone in a natural tone or apply different shades of lipstick over your permanent lip color for a makeup look. The procedure also helps prevent lipstick from bleeding and can minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

How long do permanent cosmetics last?

The color is indefinite, however the amount of pigment seen in the skin depends on many factors;
your 'after care' of the procedure area, health, medications, sun, age, skin products, environmental factors are just a few.  Remember, as with hair and nail treatments, refreshers are needed.

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