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A Powder Brow is a technique of making pixelated dots to create a soft powder makeup look. It can be done with hand tools or by machine. They can be soft and natural or bold and dark. They can have a constant flow of color, or they can have an ombre effect creating a light to dark look. You get to choose!

Microblading or Nano Brows is a technique placing hairlike strokes into the skin to create the appearance of a fuller shapelier brow. There are several styles that can be accomplished with this technique which is why we will spend all the time we need designing exactly what you want.


A Combo Brow is taking both the powder brow and microblading techniques and creating a beautiful brow with softer hair strokes in the bulbs and a more defined brow into the tail. Perfect for clients who have more hair in the front but less in the tails.


Shaded/Powder Brows

6-8 week touchups $50

Brow Maintenance/


Existing clients, under 24 months


New clients or  24+ months

Microblading/Nano Brows

6-8 week touchups $50

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